High School Staff

Summer service opportunities for teens are available through ‘STEP’ (Summer Technician and Engineer Program).

Teens are at their best when they are serving people and working hard. This program gives a short-term summer ministry opportunity to students going into tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade (minimum age of 14 by the week of participation). They are involved in the nitty-gritty operation of camp, the hands-on daily work like: dishes, kitchen, laundry, mowing, hauling firewood, supervision at the camp store or handcrafts.

Being a STEP worker is not ‘all work and no play.’ Evenings provide recreation time for the thirty teens who serve each week. And the day closes with everyone united in worship and rolling up their sleeves to study the Bible together.

Lifeguard Training Available:

Interested in becoming a lifeguard to serve at Barakel in the future? We offer a lifeguard class at the end of the summer for those intending to serve at Barakel next year. We are looking not only for good swimmers but most importantly those with a love for Christ and a heart to serve. The class costs $170 and you must be 15 years of age or older. Send an email to JonF@CampBarakel.org for more information.

2017 Technician & Engineer Signup:

Positions for summer 2017 have been filled.